4 Fun Ways to Keep Your Family Fit!

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With an abundance of electronics at our fingertips available 24 hours a day, it is more challenging than ever to motivate children to be active. Being active doesn’t always have to be a structured fitness class or competitive team sport. You can have fun and incorporate creative ideas to get your kids to unplug from their handheld devices and get in some activity for the day.  Here are some fun ways to keep your family active!

1.)  Make a scavenger hunt! Be creative and make a map and write clues that everyone gets to be part of. You don’t have to go far to have fun with this. Go to a local park, a school playground, or even your own backyard. You can make the list as long or as short as you want. It is a fun way to get kids outside and enjoy nature and working as a team, all while getting away from their electronics for a couple of hours.

2.)  Plan a hike! Look up a trail near you and plan a family hike. Pack a picnic lunch and you can make a morning out of it! Many cities will post online the maps of the trails in your area and will also have information on types of animals and vegetation there. It’s a fun way to education children about what ecosystems are in their neighborhoods and conservation. Being in nature is a great way to feel connected to your own community and promote a healthy lifestyle.

3.)  Sign your family up for a fun run or a charitable 5k event! There are many events that take place in the spring and fall that are family friendly. You can do this as a team! Many charitable organizations will host runs that allow you to register as a team. Sign up your family and invite others to join you. Having an event on your calendar will make sure that everyone works together to walk or run to get their training in. You can even just walk the 5k event. There are no rules against walking! The idea is to get out and have fun. Many of the family friendly events will give medals to the kids for the fun run event and 5k’s so they will have a memento to look back at and celebrate all that hard work.

4.)  Make an obstacle course in your own backyard! This is always fun for kids and allows them to be creative while they are constructing the course. Invite their neighborhood friends to join you. The more fun they have, the more often they will want to do it. You can even add sprinklers and water hoses during the hot summer months. The possibilities are endless and will get your kids off the couch!

Finding ways to get children active is easier than you think. It has to be fun, or they will be hesitant to put down all of their handheld devices and try something new. Have fun with it, be creative, and enjoy your active family!

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