2022! A New Year - A New You!

A new year is an opportunity to make new goals and re-commitments to fitness. Did your fitness routine fizzle out by February last year?  No worries, because it’s never too late to jump back into it. Life, work, and family can sometime throw a curveball at us that makes it extra challenging to stay on track.  Here are some tips to starting your new year off with a renewed commitment to fitness:

  1. Choose a realistic goal. If the goal is not realistic, you’ll lose motivation quickly when you don’t see the results you want in the timeframe you put on yourself.  If running a marathon has been a lifelong goal, commit to running a marathon in the fall and start your training in January!  Don’t expect to be marathon ready in April if you are new to fitness or getting reacquainted with a consistent workout routine.  Trying to do too much too quickly can increase your risk of sports injury and burn out.
  2. Try something new or change the environment you perform your workout in. If you are a treadmill junkie, try moving your daily treadmill workout outdoors.  You’ll get an extra challenge working extra muscles to compensate for uneven surfaces, uphills, downhills, and get to experience a connection to nature which athletes often enjoy to help calm the mind. If you are a roadrunner, try trail running for a change of scenery.  Trail running offers benefits that road running cannot, it’s often less crowded, and the views are spectacular! Cheap gym memberships are hard to come by.  Taking your workouts outdoors saves money and can help reduce stress while having a deeper connection to your natural environment.
  3. Use social media to help you stay motivated and accountable for your workouts. There are many online groups that are working on similar goals that can help share tips and post workouts to help you stay on track. You might even find a new workout body to help boost accountability!  Online contests are another great way to stay on track when joining a new fitness routines or group.
  4. Look at your health holistically. If you are struggling with your workout and diet and take a holistic perspective at your health, you may notice that you’re staying up too late making it too difficult to get in a workout before work or prepare a healthy lunch to take with you. Looking at your health holistically can help you see where changes can be made or improved that help support your fitness and wellness goals. A certified nutrition specialist can help you learn healthier dietary alternatives that help support a healthy lifestyle. Holistic nutrition certification can also be taken online to help you personally learn more about how to better support your healthy lifestyle.  Holistic nutrition lifestyle coaches are also available to help do the planning for you if you prefer to follow a program designed by someone with holistic health training and credentials.

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