Your Master Personal Trainer Journey

Master level personal trainers have more additional training and certifications than traditional personal trainers. A master personal trainer can work with larger groups of individuals with a broader range of expertise to help people achieve their personal fitness goals.  

All trainers start out on a similar journey of completing their instructional course work in preparation for the certification personal training exam. Passing the exam is how to get certified as a personal trainer. Trainers can then begin their fitness business plans for career growth. If a trainer decides to go into a specific field or interest, they will need to continue their studies to pass additional testing for specific certifications in their field. Master level personal trainers have extra hours of trainer work and extensive knowledge of exercise physiology and biomechanics to help a wider range of clients including those who have special needs or require modifications due to injury or disability.  

Personal trainers’ salaries are also higher for Master level personal trainers.  The more education and skills you have, the higher the demand there will be for your services. Master level certifications can give you better pay with the greatest flexibility in scheduling and compensation for your time. Many Master level instructors will be the main trainer and focal point for new personal trainers at a health club. They are able to write anatomy news for fitness instructors and help make sure that all new trainers are up-to- date on all things related to exercise and sports nutrition.  

Master level trainers can also help clients overcome specific sports related pains such as piriformis strain. They are able to show you the best methods for minor aches and pains such as using a foam roller correctly and sports massage balls to target specific tendons and muscles. Using the right tools and using them correctly can help clients recover faster and can be used regularly to prevent injury. Master level trainers can also recommend specific stretches and functional fitness exercises which can enhance your personal sports performance and help give you a more competitive edge during competition.  

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Master Personal Trainer Certification


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