Weight Training for Weight Loss



Weight training can help boost your weight loss program by increasing lean muscle mass that continues to burn calories, even after you stop working out! Muscle is denser than fat, but takes up 1/3 of the area that fat does, so you slim down faster.  An online weight training program can help give you a jump start on your weight loss plan and can help complement online nutrition coaching software to give you a holistic wellness plan for improved health and losing weight safely.

Weight training, when performed correctly, can burn calories, tone your body, and increase strength. If you are prone to injury or are recovering from a previous injury, you will want to make sure that you work with a trainer who has a strong knowledge of the anatomy of strength training. Personal trainers and coaches who use a fitness weight loss plan with weight training understand the demands that training can put on your body and can make accommodations or modifications as needed to make sure you are performing your exercises safely and effectively.  For example, front of shoulder pain should not be evident during bench pressing. You could be straining under trying to bench too much weight or have a muscular imbalance which could make you more susceptible to injury. A personal trainer with weight training experience should decrease the amount of weight you are using, make adjustments to form, or work on functional fitness exercises to address the problem area before continuing bench to press.  There are other exercises that could be done to work on the same muscle group safely and without discomfort or strain.

Weight training can also be combined with cardio activities to blast calories. Set up stations for yourself and do timed intervals similar to High Intensity Interval Training. At the gym, you can use equipment you have access to. For example, you can do the treadmill for 10 minutes and then do 20 squats and lunges before starting the treadmill again for another 10 minutes. If you are at home, you can use body weight for resistance training and continue the same interval training using what you have access to already.  For example, you could do jumping jacks for two minutes and do a plank hold for 30 seconds. There are a variety of different exercises you could choose to utilize in both home and gym to help you lose weight with weight training.  


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