Weight Training for Women

Weight training is gaining popularity in female athletes for a challenging full body workout that doesn’t take a long time to complete. Being a fitness trainer gives you the responsibility to help educate individuals in the fields of health, wellness, and fitness. For many decades, women have shied away from weight training for fear of bulking up or looking too manly. Careers in fitness industry have changed those views with proven research and support weight training for women to help tone up, strengthen, and build lean muscle tissue that continues to burn calories even after you finish your workout. 

Weight training is an anaerobic workout that is low impact that uses resistance training to strengthen the body and build lean muscle tissue. Certification level programs can be taken by personal trainers who want to specialize in weight training for women or women’s fitness. Women have a unique set of needs when it comes to creating a weight training program so only someone who has become a certified fitness instructor with a specialty certificate in women’s fitness or resistance training should create your weight training program for women. A more intense workout program for women does not necessarily mean it is better.  All health factors should be considered when designing a weight training program for women.

Women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. Weight training helps protect bone health and bone density.  Women who perform weight training exercises regularly can actively decrease their risks of osteoporosis and even improve the health of their bones. This is important for all ages, but especially for seniors who have a higher risk of falling and breaking a bone. Weight training also builds stability that can help further reduce the risk of falling.  

Weight training can also help women stay fit during their reproductive years. Having improved muscular health and tone can help improve overall personal health to support a healthy pregnancy and be able to safely lose the weight post pregnancy. Maintaining proper health can have positive effects on women’s health and weight training for resistance training helps women tone up, get lean, maintain a healthy BMI (body mass index), and burn calories. Weight training can be the perfect substitution for those who do not like cardio exercises but enjoy a challenging and beneficial workout that provides lifelong health benefits in women’s health.

Women's Fitness Certification


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