Weight Training for Weight Loss

When individuals seek out a personal trainer weight loss program, they often omit weight training and concentrate solely on cardio training. Cardio training does have its perks for revving up your metabolism and burning calories which can support your goals for weight loss, but it does not keep the momentum going like weight training does. Weight training, or resistance training, builds lean muscle which tones your body. In addition to burning calories, weight training continues to burn calories even after you finish working out! Muscles burn more calories so the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn each day.

Weight training for weight loss does not have to involve the large machines or heavy equipment you normally see at a gym or health club. You can use dumbbells at home or even perform exercises that utilize your own bodyweight for resistance. If you have dumbbells at home, you can do simple body toning exercises like 20 min shoulder shrug workouts or 10 minutes shoulder fly workouts to tone your upper body and raise your heart rate for fitness and health. If you want to use your body weight as resistance, push-ups and lunges are great exercises that tone you up and increase your heart rate. As you increase your personal fitness, you’ll be able to add additional exercises and perform more repetitions. Consistency is the key to success with weight training exercises. 

Pilates and barre exercises are other examples of fitness that use resistance training to burn calories and lose weight. Exercise bands or medicine balls can also be used for weight loss. Weighted jump ropes can be a fun way to increase your calorie burn and jumpstart your weight loss plan as well. Crash diet plans are not effective and can be detrimental to your health, causing new health problems and risks. Using weight training for weight loss helps create new healthy habits that you can benefit from years to come. Weight training can help you lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, and support bone health in your senior years. Add some weight training into your current fitness plan to help you stay on track and reach your fitness goals. A local personal trainer can show you some tips or demonstrate how to use equipment safely so that you can receive the maximum gain from your workouts.

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