Types of Personal Training Certifications

Personal training certifications come in many different varieties to accommodate the growing demands of fitness professionals. Each type of personal training certification allows the trainer or instructor to extend their basic knowledge of personal training into a specialized area of interest or need.  Having these different types of personal training certifications gives trainers greater opportunities for career growth and employment opportunities. What type of certification you get depends on what your personalized interest is within the fitness industry.

If you love being in the water, aqua therapy certification may be the type of personal training you want to acquire a certification in.  Aqua therapy can be used with a variety of different clients.  Aquatic exercises are great low-impact options for older seniors who have limited range of mobility and have a higher risk of falling or getting injured. Aqua therapy would help them with those accommodations safely and effectively to help increase functional fitness and stability. Aqua therapy can also be used by athletes who are injured and need to rebuild strength around the joints or maintain a lower level of fitness while they are recovering from injury. 

Certified nutrition coach certification is great choices for trainers who want to be able to consult their clients on nutrition as well as athletic or sports training. Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand and complement each other.  It is difficult to master your fitness goals with poor nutrition.  Using proper nutrition to support your level of training can help you meet your personal fitness goals faster and maintain the growth that you have achieved. 

Fitness consultant certification is fun for trainers who love all aspects of health and fitness and want to be able to help all groups of people within all fitness levels. These trainers are not linked to only athletes, but also to regular individuals who just want to make healthy lifestyle changes to improve personal fitness. Fitness trainers can bring a wealth of experience and motivation to clients at a gym or health club and also do well with online fitness options and connecting with clients online.

Fitness industry careers have many different types of personal training certifications within them.  Any wellness professional can benefit from any type of personal training certificate by providing them with a specialty set of skills and extensive knowledge in that field. 

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