Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification: Coaching Triathletes

Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification

Cycling, running and swimming: The golden trio of triathlon competitions; teach the toughest of athletes today!  

Competing in triathlons is one of the most demanding fitness activities known to mankind! Many athletes can excel at one sport or discipline. Maybe you are a supremely fast runner? Maybe you are powerful and can lift weights? Not many athletes, however, can be skilled at three different sporting events and combine them all together. This is exactly what the triathlon is. A grueling feat of endurance that involves cycling, running and swimming. Triathlons take a huge amount of discipline and determination to compete in, but those who do can be counted as some of the fittest individuals anywhere. If you are considering competing in a triathlon, or are a professional seeking extra training, hiring the expertise of a certified triathlon coach can be a great option. As a fitness professional, this area of coaching could also be highly beneficial to your career and your clients’ performance results.

ASFA® offers a triathlon fitness instruction certification that is perfect for those wishing to expand their career and work in a niche area of the industry. This online certification is very popular and could not be more convenient to the busy fitness professional. You don't even have to leave your own home. With our mobile-friendly site, you can complete the test using your smartphone!

When taking this qualification, you will learn about the different disciplines involved in a triathlon. Furthermore, you will learn the importance of transitioning between the different sections, and techniques like breathing regulation and pace setting. Once certified, you will have a greater understanding of triathlons, and can help your clients improve their performance and fitness. With our certification under your belt, you can start to appeal to a specific new area of clientele and offer this service in addition to your personal training business. Make triathlon training and your fitness business one in the same. Start studying today and make being a triathlon coach a Win-Win proposition for you and your clients!

Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification

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