The Nutritional Benefits of Fermented Foods

If you have ever taken a fitness nutrition course, you have most likely heard about fermented foods. Fermented foods are the good bacteria – probiotics – that grow during the fermentation process. These healthy bacteria increase your gut health, aiding in digestion and reducing inflammation in the gut and stomach.

A fitness nutrition specialist can help you to select foods that are rich in probiotics to help balance out your diet and give you improved overall health. Adding fermented foods not only increases gut health, but it also helps the body with absorption of other vitamins and minerals too. Sometimes the bad bacteria levels can be out of balance and this can prevent absorption of other trace minerals creating a deficiency in your diet. Adding fermented foods into your diet regularly helps to keep your bacteria levels in check. Many probiotic rich foods also contain a healthy amount of fiber to help cleanse your gut as well.

Sports nutrition research shows that foods such as kimchi, kefir, miso, tempeh, and kombucha are fermented foods that are rich in probiotics. Foods such as sauerkraut and yogurt provide fermented benefits as well. Remember that probiotic are active bacteria. If you choose to use sauerkraut as your choice of fermented food, choice the refrigerated variety over canned. The refrigerated variety of sauerkraut contains higher levels of healthy fermented bacteria.

Nutrition sports and fitness go together. Creating a healthy diet that reduces inflammation around the midsection will help you see results from your fitness plan faster. Probiotics are great ways to beat the bulge and bloating stemming from processed foods. With better overall gut health, your body will be able to absorb your sports nutrition better allowing you to train harder and get to your goals in a more timely manner.

Contact a trainer or nutritionist that has a certified sports nutritionist degree for creative ways of adding fermented foods into your diet. Many of the foods can be eaten as is and others can be blended with other foods for optimal flavor. Try something new today and increase your overall health with fermented foods.

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