The Benefits of Group Exercise--Take It to the Next Level & Become an Instructor!

Participating in group exercise can provide many benefits to individuals looking to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. If you are one of those people who appreciate a little extra motivation and help with accountability, then group fitness is for you! 

Motivation is one of the biggest perks of participating in group exercise or Bootcamp classes. The Group Fitness Instructor gets to be creative and prepare a fun and challenging class. Clients reap the rewards by simply showing up! 

Classes are always exciting since they are always different, you just never know what the routine or activity will be and it’s also a very encouraging environment. Everybody is there for the benefit of bettering themselves. Not everybody will be at the same fitness level, but everyone shares that same goal. The instructors are full of energy and those motivating vibes will carry on with you throughout the day.

Accountability is another perk of group exercise. When clients attend the same fitness classes, they see the same faces, and begin to come together as a group and friendships are made. Fitness class suddenly becomes a social event! You look forward not only to your class, but to see those same encouraging people. You become each other’s fan group and best supporters!  

Group exercise classes are also an incredible way to try something new. Maybe you’ve been curious to try out a new Step Aerobics or Indoor Cycling class? Group classes allow you to try something new, receive proper instruction and assistance on form, and the opportunity to talk with other people who have taken the class before to get their insights and suggestions.

Group exercise classes are inspiring. They keep participants accountable and motivated by providing the opportunity to try something new in a non-competitive environment. So, stop by your local gym or fitness center for a class schedule, or look it up online, and try something new! You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll feel good about doing something positive for yourself, too.  

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Group Fitness Certification

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