Step & Kickboxing Aerobics Certification: Classic Cardio!

Kickboxing and Step Aerobics certification are both ways to increase the cardiovascular health of your clients and also torch calories. The styles of both classes are a little different, but both are a lot of fun and help promote active and healthy lifestyles in a motivating and encouraging environment.

Step aerobics uses a step or riser to help increase the difficulty of the move and increase your heart rate. The moves are more structured and build upon each other to create the routine. The clients get the freedom to challenge themselves by adding or removing risers from their step to tailor their individual needs. The classes are high-energy and fun. The sequence of moves can help improve coordination and balance as well. The moves can also be modified to allow many different types of athletes and ages to gain cardiovascular rewards from the class. Even individuals who are new to exercise or slowly returning to exercise from injury can reap the benefits of step aerobics.

Kickboxing aerobics incorporates a variety of different moves taken from traditional aerobics and blending them with boxing and martial arts. These unique moves keep the class fresh, as it is always changing. It provides a greater variety when compared to other traditional aerobics classes. The instructor gets to be creative, choosing the format and moves which are performed in the class. The moves performed in kickboxing aerobics can help improve flexibility and balance. Many clients enjoy the mental health aspects of the class and use kickboxing aerobics to reduce stress. Kickboxing aerobics can also help improve confidence and self-esteem.

Step aerobics and kickboxing aerobics are both exciting ways to burn calories, increase cardiovascular fitness, improve mental health, and flexibility. Whether you are looking for a more structured aerobics type of class or something with more variety like a kickboxing aerobics class, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Both provide a high-energy and encouraging environment to help you reach your fitness goals.

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Step & Kickboxing Aerobics Certification

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