Sport Specific Training: Making an Athlete

Acquiring a sports coaching certificate in addition to personal trainer requirements enables you the opportunity to concentrate on specific sport training for athletes. Athletes require a coach that has specific training to their sport, as opposed to a general personal trainer who simply helps others get fit and stay healthy.

A sport course can give a trainer inside information they may need to make an athlete stronger. The training required to be a personal trainer is useful when they create a specific training plan with modifications made specifically for your sport with obtainable goals. The sports qualifications come into play when the coach or trainer is deciding how to strengthen the muscles you need for your sport and how to do it safely without giving up performance or increasing risk of injury.

Each sport is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses. Sport specific training helps to strengthen your weaknesses and add power to your strengths for maximum level of exertion. Doing the right kind of exercises can help you perform better and help protect you from sports injury.

For example, a distance runner will want to incorporate a variety of running workouts such as intervals, speed drills, hill repeats, and tempo runs to achieve the performance they need to compete in their sport. Without all of the different types of training or running, you may not be successful at the distance or specific race that you want to do. Runners will also customize their training for the type of race they are doing. If you are running a course that is relatively flat, you don’t necessarily need to train on a hilly or technical course.

Another example of specific training is with body builders. They spend a lot of time lifting weights at the gym. They do not perform a lot of cardio. If body builders do an average fitness plan and perform thirty minutes – an hour of cardio every day, they will have a hard time building muscle. Having a specific training plan for their specific sport allows them to get the specific help they need and to perform at an advantage over competition.

Sport specific training allows personal trainers to make an athlete with specific goals and training routines that strengthens the sports performance of the client.

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