Speed & Agility Certification: Athletic Movement Optimized

Training athletes for optimal performance is one of the hardest tasks a personal trainer or fitness professional can embark on. Most personal trainers like training athletes.  However, the training can be intensive.  Also, when pushing an athlete to their personal peak, you have to know when to stop.  You have to constantly monitor athletes for overtraining and watch for injury risks.  Obviously, when you push a man/woman to his/her very limit - there is a chance of acute and chronic injury.  Do you know what to look for?  When training for speed and agility, dynamic movement and high-impact exercises are required.  Taking it easy isn't an option.

Optimizing an athlete's performance is fun and rewarding.  But, it is also challenging and does contain a significant risk of injury without close and consistent monitoring.  Are you up to the challenge of training athletes in speed and agility?  Do you know your plymotrics safety principles?  Are you ready to make a difference in an athlete's life?

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Speed & Agility Certification

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