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Youth Fitness Certification

Individuals who have a career in personal training often complete specialty training certificates to broaden their knowledge and skills to work in a variety of different fitness environments. Youth fitness training is one of the specialty certifications you can get in fitness training. Exercise program youth coaching has become popular as childhood obesity continues to rise, and families want a more holistic approach to maintaining a healthy weight while encouraging and inspiring youths to have an active lifestyle. 

Youth fitness training can be fun for trainers as they use their creativity to make fitness fun and engaging.  Exercise ball fitness can be a fun introduction to youths who are new to fitness. They are fun for kids to sit or use as props for exercise ball exercise program. Exercise ball work is perfect for building personal fitness, improving stability, functional fitness, and increasing flexibility and muscle tone. Youths who are out of shape can ease back into a healthy lifestyle using low impact exercises as their steppingstone to other more intense exercises.

Obstacle courses are fun for youths as well. Have each client participating choose an exercise or build a part of the obstacle course to make it fun for kids and built by kids. Having the ability to have partial ownership in the design of the obstacle course will make them more likely to participate and they will increase their self-esteem seeing others enjoy their contribution. Obstacle courses are also fun family friendly fitness activities that families can build together in their backyard or indoors on a rainy day.

Have a friendly competition to help youths learn the importance of good sportsmanship. Change up the “awards” from the social norm to help motivate each client. Some youth trainers have given awards for “the best sportsmanship” or “for not quitting” so that even a last place participant can feel encouraged by their peers and coach. Having good sportsmanship is a skill youths can use in and out of fitness and apply to other areas in their lives as they grow older. Winning is fun, but it is also fun to help a peer celebrate their success and not always your own. There will be times in life when you cannot always win. Learning healthy techniques in sportsmanship improves emotional and behavioral health as well as their physical health. Help inspire the next generation with youth fitness training.

Youth Training Certification

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