Power Boost Your Workouts using Popular Supplements

Supplements can give your workouts an extra boost by helping to fill in any nutritional gaps you may have in your daily diet.  There are many different wellness and environmental factors that could prevent your body from absorbing nutrients, vitamins, or minerals from the foods you eat daily.  Prescription medications are one of the biggest factors that could cause a deficiency, making workouts more challenging than they should be.  Supplementation with popular supplements can help give your workouts an extra edge and improve your performance in sports competitions.

A certified nutrition counselor or certified nutritionist coach can help provide individualized supplement consultations that meet the personalized fitness goals that you have.  Some personal training offer sports nutrition as well for athletes that want nutrition advice to help supplement their fitness goals.  A registered licensed dietitian is best if you have many food allergies, food sensitivities, any nutrition-based medical condition or food restrictions that may make it difficult for the average nutritional consultant to work with.  Whichever route you choose to take, popular supplements are stocked  in stores and health clubs to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Beet powder is a popular supplement that helps reduce internal inflammation and helps to increase blood flow in the body.  This product can be found on it’s own, but is often blended with other dried veggie or fruit powders as a “super reds food” energy mix. Beets have a very earthy taste so blending the powder with fruits makes the product more palatable.  It also blends well with smoothie drinks.  Athletes enjoy a serving of beet powder fifteen minutes before a workout to help fight inflammation and improve performance and recovery time. 

Protein powders are also a popular supplement that aids in muscle recovery and can help with weight loss as well.  Protein powders can be dairy or veggie.  Dairy protein powders are whey and veggie protein powders can be made from soy, rice, or pea.  Both are good and personal preference plays a big factor in which one to choose.  Generally athletes will not consume dairy products before a big workout or race because dairy can cause GI distress.  Dairy or whey protein powders are best for post workout. 

Melatonin has returned into the popular supplement category again.  Wellness topics have put a heavy emphasis of selfcare recently, and getting enough sleep is one of the ways you can improve your workouts and recovery in addition to improving mental and emotional health.  Melatonin is now available in gummies and has been seen in popular teas and powder.  Melatonin is favored over many other similar products because it is all natural, can be taken with other medications, and is non-addictive.  Melatonin is also safe to use in children, but remember to ask your pediatrician before giving a child any new supplements. 

Supplements can help support your workout and overall health.  If you decide to become a certified wellness coach or personal trainer, you will need to stay up to date on current supplement products and trends so you can be a valuable resource in supporting the health of your clients.  Be the best version of yourself and take your workouts to the next level with sports supplements!

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