Pilates Mat Work

Pilates mat work is very similar to Pilates done on a machine or with equipment. The reference to the mat means that the Pilates style of movements are performed entirely on a yoga mat with no equipment or added resistance from a machine. An intense Pilates workout can feel even more challenging when performed on the mat, as each and every move has to come from your core with great control and stability.

Pilates workout routines can be done in a similar way on a mat as on a machine. Be sure to have a nicely padded mat to help protect your joints from the hard floor underneath. You will still want socks or yoga style slippers with rubberized bottoms to help grip the mat without slipping. Paying special attention to your form will be critical to prevent injury from misalignment. If you feel your back get too tight or experience any pain, stop the Pilates movements and stretch to help release the tightness. On a mat, a simple stretch by lying flat on your back and bringing your knees into your chest is an easy way to relieve pressure from the lower back. You can repeat these stretches as often as necessary until those muscles in the back and core are built up.

Basic Pilates workouts, such as leg circles or the hundred, can be perfected on the mat. Take your time to do the exercise correctly with good form so that you can get the most benefit from the moves. Pilates workouts help to strengthen your core and back muscles, giving you better posture and better form. Pilates is also loved for the benefits of increasing stability, flexibility, and increasing lean muscle mass. Many older clients appreciate the functional training benefits that they receive Pilates, giving them better mobility for their everyday activities. Performing Pilates on a mat gives you the greatest flexibility for your workouts because you can perform them anywhere and anytime. Limiting your workouts to a studio or health club with a Pilates machine means you can only workout when the studio is open and has available space for you in the class.

Pilates mat work can be just as beneficial as Pilates performed with equipment or on machines. Mat work gives you the flexibility to perform your workouts at the level you need whenever is convenient for you. Grab you mat and enjoy a Pilates lesson today!

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