Physical Activity for Wellness

Online personal training certification programs have given individuals a resourceful and reliable place to go to learn about physical activity for wellness and health. Online resources have made it easier for individuals to find articles on health and wellness, learn the best exercises for abs, and gain knowledge with access to health certification programs. Physical activities performed for wellness doesn’t always have to take place in the gym. Here are some physical activities you can enjoy and increase personal fitness and wellness at the same time:

  1. Leisurely walks or power walking both provide cardiovascular exercise that improves personal wellness and fitness. Walking can help improve emotional health as well by managing stress. Walking can also help boost mental health by improving focus and mental strength.
  2. Swimming helps build total body fitness and wellness. Swimming is unique in the sense that it provides both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. The motions of swimming provide the aerobic workout, or cardio workout, which burns calories. The resistance of moving against and through the water provide an anaerobic, or resistance workout, which helps to build strength and lean muscle tissue.
  3. Yoga helps to increase flexibility and reduce stress. Don’t be fooled into thinking this low impact favorite is too easy for individuals who like a challenge! There are many different styles of yoga and multiple ways to incorporate strength training for a very challenging workout.  Meditation that is used for breathing exercises in yoga has also been associated with improved health and wellness.
  4. Indoor cycling. Indoor cycling is a great physical activity for wellness for all ages because you can safely do it from home and do not have to worry about falling or having to share the road with vehicles. All age groups and fitness levels can participate and enjoy indoor cycling. The tension rod on the indoor bike can make your workout easier or more challenging. If you are new to indoor cycling, be sure to ask a personal trainer to help you determine the placement of the seat and handlebars so that you have good alignment. Using poor form or alignment could cause extra strain on your joints and cause discomfort.  

The health and wellness industry can offer a lot of variation in both activities, training, nutrition, and wellness. You do not have to be an all-star athlete to enjoy fitness and health. If you are new to fitness or are wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes, take some online wellness courses or work with a wellness coach to make sure you are making realistic goals and working out safely as you enjoy your wellness activities.

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