Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist – A Winning Combo

Training for personal trainer combined with sports nutrition and wellness certification provides a winning combo for positive changes in a healthy lifestyle. Benefits of personal training can be enhanced when proper nutrition is practiced. Nutritional changes can provide faster benefits when combined with exercise. Both together can provide a full body and lifestyle makeover.

Master level certified personal training (CPT) use the qualifications of a personal trainer and combines additional courses in sports nutrition to bridge the gaps between exercise and diet to help clients achieve their goals faster. Training alone can help strength muscles, but proper nutrition can help you train harder and lean out faster. For optimal fitness, you need both.

Fitness trainer courses can be taken to achieve your personal training certification and also additional certifications in sports nutrition. The courses can be taken online in your spare time or they can be completed at personal training schools. If you have a school near you that offers personal training certification, it is nice to go to the workshops to have hands-on demonstrations from trainers and build those personal relationships with the instructors. Good personal training certifications can be achieved online too. The choice is yours and you have a lot of flexibility with both studying and training for your exam.

Sports nutrition exam questions differ from the basic personal training exam questions. Instead of answering questions on form and muscle anatomy, you will be answering questions that relate more to nutrition. Topics such as how many calories equal a pound and how many calories burned per activity will be answered. You will be familiar with the sports nutrition guideline.   You will be able to help sport specific questions on electrolytes and supplementations. These are all topics that enhance the training of a personal trainer but are not covered alone in the requirements for a personal training certification.

That is why personal training and sports nutrition create a winning combo together. They enhance each other to make a stronger and better you!

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