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ASFA® Certifications

As a fitness professional, you should strive to always maintain a professional resume for your future benefit  

A professionally built resume is vital in the fitness industry. A resume showcases your skills, qualifications, and working history. This is your potential client or employer’s window into your professional fitness career. By looking at a resume, a person can quickly gauge what kind of person you are, what skills you have, and whether you would be suitable for what they require. Maintaining your resume and portfolio is important. If your resume is outdated, you may not be selling skills to the best of your ability. When reviewing your resume, you should look at each stage separately. Are your qualifications up-to-date? Is your list of skills a true representation of what you can do? Is your work history up-to-date and includes all jobs you have done no matter how small? Are your references still relevant and contactable?

Once you have sufficiently reviewed your resume, maybe you feel that you should look at expanding your qualifications and knowledge to better promote your service. ASFA® offer a wide range of certifications for fitness professionals that help them build their resumes and expand their businesses into new areas. You can add to your portfolio in a convenient and straightforward manner with our extensive list of legitimate qualifications. As you are already an established fitness professional, you have the luxury of choice. You can look at the many different courses we offer, and choose something that you find interesting and feel will compliment your career the most. Some of our certifications include Indoor Cycling, Self-Defense training, Senior Fitness instruction, Pilates instruction and Triathlon training, as you can see, the choices are many and varied.

Reviewing your resume is an important part of your fitness career, and it should be done on a regular basis. ASFA® certifications are something you can add to your resume, and help build your knowledge of fitness techniques and activities.

ASFA® Certifications

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