Olympic lifting vs. Powerlifting – What is the Difference?

Olympic lifting and powerlifting are both types of weight training work outs that build strength, focus, and fitness. Olympic lifting and powerlifting are two different sports and have two different types of training and goals in their respected weight training courses. During the weights routine for Olympic lifting, the focus is on performing two types of lifts called the clean and jerk and the snatch. These lifts are both performed overhead and must be done with good technique and form. Powerlifting focuses on three different lifts using very heavy weight. The powerlifting routine uses the squat, bench press, and the deadlift. Powerlifting is less technical than Olympic lifting and uses heavier weights.

Since both types of lifting build strength, both types of lifters are stronger than typical weightlifters. Powerlifters are able to build a lot of size and body mass because of the heavy lifting and big muscle gains. Both types of lifting could support each other if you were currently in one of the lifting programs and wanted to switch to a different type of resistance training. Powerlifting adds more muscle to your frame than Olympic lifting. If you are someone who is concerned with being petite and lean, powerlifting will not help you reach that goal. Bodybuilding is the type of weight training that focuses on being lean, not strength. 

Using good form and proper technique is important when participating in Olympic lifting or powerlifting. Olympic lifting performs all of their lifts overhead which can put extra strain on your back if not performed correctly. Powerlifters put extra stress on their joints training with very heavy weights.  Having good form is essential to preventing sports injury. Back pain or shoulder pain from weight lifting can often be prevented using proper techniques. If you are new to the sport, be sure to hire a personal trainer who specializes in weight or resistance training and has a specialty training certificate in Olympic or powerlifting. The training that trainers receive from these specialty certifications provides them with sport specific training to help you be your best in that specific sport and stay injury free.

Olympic and Powerlifting Certification

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