Golf Workout Program: Swing Dynamics

Golf Fitness Instruction Certification

Here Are a Few Fitness Tips to Help Improve Your Golf Swing:

1.)  Emphasize exercises that require shoulder depression. 

2.)  Emphasize exercises that require core rotation.

3.)  Emphasize balance exercises.

4.)  Emphasize hand-eye coordination exercises.

Everyone that golfs knows that for a great drive, you will need to keep your shoulders depressed, rotate your core, stay in balance and utilize hand-eye coordination from grip to impact point.  Still, many golf fanatics go to the gym and do set after set of shoulder elevation and retraction exercises.  They think that they are making their backs stronger and that should help their swing.  The reality is that it will hinder their efforts and be counter productive to their game.  This is just one example of a common mistake made by golfers in an attempt to improve their drives.

If you are a fitness professional and want to understand more about golf, a Golf Fitness Instruction certification might be the right continuing education for you.  What are the best core rotation exercises?  What hand-eye coordination exercises are most effective for golf?  What balance exercises can best improve a golfer's swing?  

If these are questions that interest you, then, start learning and take our Golf Fitness Instruction certification today!

Golf Fitness Instruction Certification

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