Functional Fitness: The Wave of the Future

Working out is all about improving quality of life…

Functional Fitness is becoming an extremely popular type of exercise and many people are seeing the benefits that it provides. What is functional fitness? This type of fitness revolves around your core body strength and practical fitness that helps your quality of life and completion of daily tasks. Functional fitness is simply meant to help develop a basic level of fitness, keep you active and help you live a healthier life. Functional Fitness is perfect for seniors who want to keep active as their health becomes more important, it is also great for those who are hugely busy but still want to perform exercise.

ASFA® offers a functional fitness instruction certification for fitness professionals to complete. If you are looking for a new area of fitness to expand into, functional fitness could be a great addition to your standard personal training program. You can improve your prospects and widen your potential client base as people sign up for your new set of classes.

This certification will teach fitness professionals about functional fitness in a practical way. You will learn different techniques, and see what application they have in real-life situations. Furthermore, you will see how functional fitness benefits your daily life and can improve your posture and more importantly your core body strength.

As an online qualification, this is highly accessible and you can study at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. Aside from the usefulness of the material, and the accessibility of the course, your own fitness and quality of life should improve once you start teaching these classes. Functional fitness is creating waves in the industry and is a qualification that is becoming a must-have in the fitness industry!

Functional Fitness Certification


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