Functional Fitness Certified: Improving Everyday Life

Functional fitness is defined as training with specific exercises that mimic everyday life to improve the coordination and performance of that action. Functional fitness is for everyone, not just athletes. Everyone from youth to seniors can benefit from improving their functional fitness.

Functional fitness exercises work to improve balance, coordination, strength and to allow a greater range of motion. Improving these conditions can help prevent illness and injury, can prevent accidents – like falling, and can also improve the quality of life.

Functional fitness exercises are easily modified to fit the individual needs and goals of the client. Some functional fitness motions include pushing, pulling, squatting, rotating, and carrying. These ranges of motion help improve daily tasks such as doing yard work, picking up children, carrying grocery bags and also playing with pets. With improved functional training, daily tasks seem easier and more efficient.

Functional training can be used by the elite athletes to improve their output and performance at a certain sport. Others can benefit from functional training to make their daily tasks seem easier. Functional training offers a variety exercises that a personal trainer can help you with. Functional training can also be performed anywhere! Weather you prefer a health club or studio like setting, or the comforts of your home, there is something for everyone and something at all levels that individuals can use to improve their quality of life.

Functional training works to improve balance, coordination, strength and provides greater ranges of motion giving the individual greater mobility and increased quality of life. Functional training can also help by decreasing the risk of injury. Athletes can help improve their performance with specific functional training exercises. Whether the client is young or old, there is something for everyone. Everyone can incorporate functional training into their fitness routine. Contact your local Functional Fitness Instructor to learn about how functional fitness can specifically improve your daily life.

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Functional Fitness Certification

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