Functional Exercise Training-Increase Strength & Balance

Functional exercise training helps build strength and balance to improve daily skills that you use each day. Athletes can do specific functional fitness exercises to help them with a specific aspect of their sport to strengthen their skills. Personal fitness trainer classes can help you learn which functional fitness exercises can benefit you the most to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Personal health coaches can design a functional training exercise plan that can be used by many different fitness levels and ages. Personal training exercises can provide support to functional fitness across the board. Functional fitness improves core strength, balance, agility, stability, and can improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Functional fitness can improve flexibility, coordination, reduce the risk of sports injury, and can improve posture which leads to a reduction of chronic lower back pain. 

Physical fitness courses that highlight functional fitness will include exercises such as squats, pull-ups, pushing and pulling a fitness sled, kettlebell exercises, and plyometrics. These exercises can help strengthen the muscles around the joints, protecting them from high-impact workouts and reducing your risk of injury. Plyometric exercises help to improve speed and agility in endurance athletes such as runners and cyclists. Older seniors will use different types of functional fitness exercises to help them with what they need help with the most.

Older seniors will want to concentrate more on stability and balance exercises that are low-impact and will reduce their risk of falling. Other types of functional fitness exercises can help seniors with daily activities such as standing, sitting, and climbing stairs. Personal trainers can help you determine which type of exercises will best support the type of workout and personal fitness goals you want. Body builders will also have a different set of functional exercises that help support their level of strength training while reducing their risk of injury. Functional exercise training can also help you recover faster from a challenging workout. Endurance athletes might use an elliptical machine or swimming to build functional fitness and improve recovery times. Walking is also a great recovery exercise that improves function and cardiovascular fitness.

Whatever your personal fitness goals are, functional exercise training can help improve the quality of your training. Functional exercise training helps increase core strength and supports daily activities in addition to supporting specific sports skills. Personal trainers online in your area can help you create the perfect individualized functional fitness plan for you.

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