Fitness Ideas for Youth

Fitness ideas for youth can be challenging sometimes when you must compete with a busy schedule and video games. Getting creative with physical fitness and children can make it a pleasurable activity without them even knowing they are getting some exercise. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Make it fun! Get an ab ball or stability ball. Most children have a difficult time staying OFF the ab or stability balls because they see them as something fun to play on. Find some ab ball exercises that you want to do and invite your children to do them with you. They will be happy to be included and will enjoy the physical challenge and friendly competition. The ab ball is a great tool for strengthening the core muscles and increasing balance, stability, and functional fitness.

2. Take it outside! When you think about family fitness, you might think about going to the gym together. It doesn’t have to be boring – take it outside! Go for a hike and explore a new trail together. Pack a lunch and make a day out of your exploration. Relationships and focus will strengthen since you won’t have to compete with electronics. Spending the day outside is a great way to get a digital detox from all of the social media and gaming. 

3. Be creative! Make an obstacle course with at home circuit training tools. This can be greatly varied from one person to the next. You can have a section of your obstacle course for strengthening and another for cardio fitness. Put dumbbells in one area for resistance workouts and a jump rope or aerobic step in another area for cardio health. Let the kids be involved with the creation of the obstacle course.  They will want to participate in something that they helped to create.

4. Set a good example! When your children see you work out regularly, you are teaching them that personal health and personal fitness is important, and they will look up to you for worldly advice. Share with your kids that you are not only building personal health and fitness for now, but you are also creating a healthy and active lifestyle for decades from now. Individuals who exercise regularly have less illnesses and more energy than people who do not exercise regularly. If you are training for a marathon, ask your children to join you for the last couple of miles. They will enjoy the time with you as they are paving the way for an active and healthy lifestyle. 

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