4 Fall Family Fitness Ideas

1. Visit a local state park or new trail. Enjoying the outdoors together for a family hike can help detox from electronics and teach the values of conservation. Spending the day hiking burns calories, increases your brain power by exploring new environments, and builds functional fitness while hiking on uneven terrain. Hiking and exploring trails can be a healthy habits life goal that you share with your children.  

2. Build a fitness obstacle course in your backyard. Let each family member add an element or piece to the obstacle course. Children will be more likely to participate in an activity that they got to create or build. Add different challenges so it can be fun for all members while celebrating everyone’s uniqueness and strength. For example, instead of seeing who can complete the obstacle course the fastest, see who can do it backwards or the silliest. Complete the obstacle course doing crab walks or bear crawls for added core strength and improved functional fitness.  

3. Do neighborhood walks and invite your neighbors to join you. Neighborhoods that do activities together have increased community involvement and community responsibility, making your neighborhood safer. Neighborhood walks create and strengthen friendships and improve holistic fitness since neighborhood and community are both factors within holistic fitness that can have an impact on your personal fitness goals.

4. Sign up for a family 5k fun run or walk. Many runs and charity walks happen in the Fall. There are also many virtual family 5k events that you can complete as a family whenever it is most convenient for you to do so. Training for a running event together and celebrating the finish line as a family helps strengthen family bonds and adds some healthy competitiveness to the activity in addition to building cardiovascular fitness. 

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