Dance Fitness–Have Fun with Fitness

Dance fitness is a high-energy and fun way to get fit. Certified programs for dance fitness show fitness instructors how to blend multiple types of styles of dance into a fast-paced energetic cardio fitness class that blasts calories and builds aerobic fitness.

Dance fitness certification can include multiple types of dance styles including Latin and African dance, Bollywood-inspired dance, jazz, club-styled dance, Broadway, and ballet. With so many different types of dance to workout to, instructors like to make their classes unique and you’ll rarely find two classes that are exactly the same. If you have tried dance fitness before and did not like it, try it again with a different instructor using a different style of dance.  It will be a completely different experience! 

Dance fitness can be used with training programs for weight loss. Dance fitness classes will certainly get your heart rate up and help you work up a good sweat. Dancing toward your fitness goals allows you to burn calories rapidly and in a fun and upbeat atmosphere. Participants of dance fitness classes enjoy the fun music as well which ranges to all different genres of music to match the styles of dance. Dance fitness classes are less structured than traditional fitness classes so you can truly enjoy your own workout within the group fitness class and work at your own pace. You can work as hard as you want to or just have fun with it. The instructor will be able to show modifications to make the exercises or dance moves easier or harder to accommodate your personal needs. Dance fitness classes are usually low-impact in structure, but movements can be made into high-impact for those seeking a more challenging workout. Dance fitness appeals to all ages from teens to seniors. Many senior centers have added senior dance fitness classes to their schedules to help older adults stay active, social, and fit. There is no wrong way to dance so you can keep up with the group fitness class, even if it is your first time trying it.  

Dance fitness training certifications can be completed online for convenience and ease. If you are thinking about a career in fitness, dance fitness classes are one of the most popular group fitness classes around and energetic instructors are always in demand. Have fun burning calories and building a career in fitness with dance fitness group exercise classes. Click below to get started today, 24/7 online convenience!  


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