Bootcamp! Small Group Training

Bootcamp classes can be the perfect small group outdoor training session that you are looking for to take your personal fitness to the next level. Bootcamp classes combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises with high-impact and low-impact interval training to maximize your calorie burn. Bootcamp small group training can be the most energetic workout a professional trainer can give you!

For those that are new to fitness, taking a bootcamp small group training class can give you a lot of workout ideas and expose you to new exercises you may not have done before. New exercises give your body a challenging workout. Small group training gives you some extra attention from the workout instructor for those that need it or want it. 

Smaller groups are often created within the class to group people who are at similar fitness levels or working toward a similar fitness goal to maximize their workouts more effectively to help them reach their goals. Bootcamp instructors bring a lot of unique equipment that you may not get to use daily at a gym to keep the classes unique, challenging, and fun. Exercise bands, resistance bands, exercise scooters, sand bags, ropes, and medicine balls are all common bootcamp props that might be used during class. The class is high-energy and provides a motivating atmosphere to help you stay accountable for your workout.

Bootcamp classes can be modified to meet the individual needs of anyone, regardless of current fitness level and age. High-impact exercises can be modified to be more low-impact in style and similar muscle groups can be worked out in a variety of different methods so there is always a challenging workout for all participants. If you are recovering from injury or are prone to sports injury, be sure to speak with your bootcamp instructor before class so that they can modify any exercises for you or monitor your form during class to make sure you are getting extra help to prevent injury. Workout plans for men and women can be utilized during bootcamp training and individualized to help them reach their personal fitness goals effectively and safely. Bootcamp also increases functional fitness and builds core strength which helps improve daily function and personal fitness for all participants.

Join the ranks of Bootcamp Instructors today and inspire others along their personal fitness journeys!



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