Bootcamp Certification: Intense Group Workouts!

Bootcamp instructors get to have fun with mixing strength training and interval training together to offer an intense group workout. Bootcamp classes are fast paced and the instructor will push you hard for you to achieve the greatest results fast, but do not be intimidated! All moves can be modified and are completed at an individualized level so everyone is working as hard as they can at their own level of fitness.

Bootcamp instructor qualifications include a vast knowledge of biomechanics, flexibility, strength training, and interval training. These skills are combined and varied often to keep the classes new and interesting. The varied classes also help prevent boredom and are fantastic at constantly challenging new muscle groups which results in a higher calorie burn in the end. Combining strength training with interval training also helps to create more lean muscle mass. The interval training helps build stamina and endurance. Many athletes will use bootcamp classes as their cross training from other sports. The strength and endurance training creates more power and faster reflexes for their own sport. The increased lean muscle mass will continue to torch calories, even after you have finished your class.

Group training makes it fun for the athlete to engage with other people working towards a similar goal. Sometimes training in a group can help you push yourself a little harder, either to keep up with a more challenging group or a little healthy competition amongst friends. Another benefit of participating in bootcamp group workouts is the camaraderie among the class goers. The social aspect will help keep members coming back for me. Not only do they enjoy an intense workout, they get to share it with friends and socialize as well. Friends that workout together, stay together!

Becoming a bootcamp instructor is a motivating and creative way to engage your clients to push themselves harder with techniques in both strength training, and interval cardio fitness. Changing the flow of the moves and incorporating all of the different muscle groups keeps your clients challenged and coming back for more. The classes are intense, yet show results quickly. With higher calorie burns per class when compared to other traditional cardio group classes, bootcamp group classes win hands down!

Bootcamp Instructor Certification

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