Best Nutrition & Wellness Gifts for 2021

2021 will be the year for healthy holiday shopping and gifts as many Americans recommit to healthy lifestyle changes for improved health and wellness. The latest nutrition or wellness gift can be a big motivator for individuals looking for inspiration to get their health and fitness back on track. Check out some of these nutrition and wellness gifts that are sure to inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Wellness lifestyle book with holistic nutrition recipes. Holistic recipes target the lifestyle, not just healthy eating.  Holistic wellness refers to the bigger picture in wellness and nutrition.  For example, if you eat well, but have a lot of stress and don’t sleep well, you’re not looking at your wellness from a holistic perspective.  In this example, substituting your evening snack and TV show with chamomile tea and mindfulness exercises could promote wellness by alleviating stress and calming the mind before bedtime.
  2. Home Rowing Machines. Home rowing machines are low impact and compact, making a full body workout convenient from the comfort of your home.  Many of the newer models of home rowing machines are able to connect using apps so that you can work out with friends and family in real time as well as having the opportunity to connect to your personal trainer using personal trainer client tracking software. It provides an opportunity for a workout when you are normally too busy to fit a workout in.
  3. Office exercise chair. An office exercise chair can alleviate chronic lower back problems, improve posture, and improve wellness and core strength. Improving core strength has been linked to improvements in functional fitness and overall daily living skills. For someone who sits at a desk most of the day who is wanting to improve their wellness, an office exercise chair can provide a lot of opportunities to make small adjustments that will improve personal wellness and health. Your loved one will become an expert on chair pose workouts!
  4. Gift certificates for group wellness classes such as yoga or nutrition. A certified holistic health coach can offer advice and consulting to help make changes that improve personal wellness through nutrition and fitness. A certified holistic nutritionist can help individuals see the connection between the foods they eat and how they feel.  Nutrition courses can also teach us how we can use personal nutrition to prevent illnesses that are linked to dietary habits as well as to regulate energy and blood sugar levels.
  5. Personal trainer meals. Personal trainer meals that are prepared for the week offers healthy meals that are conveniently packaged for busy individuals. This can be something that is prepared by the individual at the beginning of each week or purchased through a local nutritional service or personal trainer/nutritionist. Having a menu planned out and meals that are already prepared takes the guesswork out of nutrition and eliminates temptations to deviate from your new healthy training program. Give the gift of health and wellness with healthy eating!
  6. An ASFA gift card - yes, shameless self-promotion!  You too can give the gift of ASFA gear, texts/manuals and certifications to your friend and family with an ASFA gift card!

ASFA gift card

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