Being Thankful for Fitness and Health

The month of November reminds us to stop and give thanks and gratitude for the blessings we have in our lives. Being thankful for fitness and health is one of those blessings that we can be grateful for. Fitness and health play a large part in our overall wellness and can impact many different factors in our lives. If you have ever taken courses in nutrition or fitness, you have discussed and learned about the direct correlation that active lifestyles have on the overall health and quality of life for clients. Diet and exercise facts show us that individuals who exercise regularly have better sleep patterns, are able to maintain healthy BMIs (body mass index), handle stress better, take fewer medications, and have fewer sick days each year. These are just a handful of benefits that people enjoy from making the effort to add regular fitness routines and healthy diets into their lifestyle.

If you are not currently involved in a regular healthy routine, it’s never too late to start and never too late to make that commitment to yourself. Crash diets plan are unhealthy, not designed to last or maintain weight loss, and are often detrimental to your health creating additional wellness problems such as depression, restlessness, and decreased self-esteem when the unrealistic goals were not able to be reached or maintained. Diet coaching certified programs can help clients achieve success by taking a more holistic approach and considering all of the factors that make up your personal fitness and wellness to create a personalized plan that has been individualized to accommodate other factors that might be impeding your path to success. Having a fitness and wellness professional to help guide you through your fitness and health journey is certainly something to be thankful for and the health benefits of a healthier lifestyle are something you will enjoy for the entire span of your life. 

Studies have also shown that individuals who show gratitude and thankfulness on a regular basis are generally happier and have fewer cases of depression and fewer cases of chronic stress when compared to other groups who do not. Our overall fitness levels and wellness allows us to maintain health, enjoy physical independence, and gives us the energy to make a difference and positive impact in the lives of others each day. During the busy holiday season, take moment to yourself to give thanks for fitness and health. 

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