Beat the Winter Blues by Working Out!

Many individuals suffer from seasonal depression when the days get shorter and colder in conjunction to added holiday stressors. Personal wellness articles support working out as a natural way to beat the winter blues and season depression. Working out can help the body create endorphins which are the “happy” feelings you experience while working out. For runners, they refer to these endorphin releases as a “runners high”. Personal training workouts are just one of the many ways you can naturally create endorphins. You can also do activities such as walking, hiking, ice skating, skiing, and trail running. If you live in very cold climates, indoor workouts can help battle the blues too. Indoor fitness activities such as pilates and ball exercises, indoor group fitness classes, elliptical machines, rowing machines, and treadmills can all help get your heart rate up and the happy endorphins pumping throughout your body. 

Other types of calming exercises such as yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Tai Chi can help battle stress, fatigue, and seasonal depression. Any instructor with a Pilates teaching certification can help you create a sequence of movements and exercises that you can perform anywhere when you feel stress coming on. Yoga breaths help focus on meditation and calming the mind and body to help bring your focus back to personal health and wellness and away from stressful situations. Pilates yoga certification are popular fitness specialty combinations for trainers to obtain because many of the exercises and principles overlap in some areas when used to beat stress and depression. 

If accountability is what holds you back from maintaining a consistent training regimen, share your goals with friends and neighbors. You will be surprised how many others are just like you and desires a workout partner to help destress and combat the winter blues using fitness. Having a workout partner will make you less likely to miss a workout and you’ll be motivated to get out there and complete your workout while socializing. Group fitness classes and small fitness groups combat stress and fatigue by just having the opportunity to talk things out while getting in their workout. Ever notice how much runners like to talk while running? Runners often describe their early morning runs as not just a workout, but a therapy session with friends as well. Fitness can be used to help beat the winter blues, season depression, and fatigue while building personal fitness and healthy habits.

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