Barbell Vs. Dumbbell Training – Which is Right for You?



A health and wellness personal coach can help you create a resistance training workout plan with barbells and dumbbells to help build strength and stability. How do you know which piece of equipment to use – a barbell or a dumbbell? Both are great for building strength, but the answer depends largely on personal preference and type of workout you are doing.

Barbells are weight bars that can have weights added at the ends to make it heavier. If you are using a weight bench to workout, barbells can be easier because the weight is already evenly distributed throughout the bar, and you just have to focus on proper hand placement and form. If you are trying to correct a muscular imbalance and need to work only one side of your muscle, dumbbells would be best because you can control the weight in each arm better. Personal training fitness attempts to make fitness available to all individuals. Barbells are difficult to use anywhere because of their weight and size. They are heavy and do not fold away for storage. Dumbbells are smaller and travel well. They fit into a suitcase and can be used anywhere. There are also dumbbells made for travel that inflate and fill with water so they can be packed completely flat when traveling.

If you enjoyed doing timed exercises, like 30 minutes lateral flys workouts, or 10 minutes shoulder shrug workouts, dumbbells are best because you have more control over them and can go lighter to maintain form as your muscles get fatigued. Personal trainer effectiveness is only good if the programs you are training with are workable with your fitness abilities. Many individuals are intimidated by the large barbell and fear injury using equipment that large and heavy. If you are able to maintain better consistency with dumbbells, then use the dumbbells. Both barbells and dumbbells can give you a challenging workout. There may be some workout plans that you choose to use both pieces of fitness equipment. If you are unsure how to do something, ask a personal trainer to show you proper form and technique to minimize your risk of injury and to reduce your anxiety associated with weight training.

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