ASFA® Kettlebell Certification – Dynamic Motion

Take your lifting to the next level with ASFA's Kettlebell Instructor Certification.  Learn how to control weight swung in dynamic motion. Controlling momentum and keeping correct form while swinging the kettlebells not only gives you a lean muscular physique, but improves coordination and athletic ability. 

Kettlebell training improves functional everyday life movements.  When is the last time someone asked you to life something and it was perfectly balanced and proportioned like a barbell?  Never, right?  Real-life lifting is all about controlling momentum in asymmetric motions.  So, why not train in a way to will help you deal with those real-life situations and at the same time give you the physical look and abilities that you want?  

With ASFA's Kettlebell certification, you will not only learn kettlebell exercises, but also about safety considerations, accessories, class structure, injury avoidance and much more...  So, if you are looking for a serious workout that will make everyday life lifting seem easier and more practical - look no further!
ASFA® Kettlebell Certification

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