ASFA® Indoor Cycling Certification – Serious Cardio!

Indoor cycling classes are some of the most intense cardio classes that you can find! From beginner classes to extreme cycling classes, you can learn what you need about instructing from ASFA's Indoor Cycling certification. Indoor cycling instruction is a great way to give your clients a calorie burning workout while tightening and toning core and lower body musculature.  And, it's FUN!
Fun is the part of fitness that professional trainers often forget about and clients never forget about!  By nature of hiring a fitness professional, many clients don't like working out or can't motivate themselves to workout without someone holding them accountable.  At the same time, trainers are often most concerned about obtaining the client a certain result in a prescribed timeframe.  And, what goes by the wayside?  You guessed it - FUN.  Who doesn't like riding bikes?  Who doesn't like having fun with friends?  So, why not learn a skill-set that will help your clients have fun and reach their goals at the same time? Why not become a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor?!

ASFA® Indoor Cycling Certification

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