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ASFA® Group Fitness/Bootcamp Certification
Are you ready to take your Group Fitness to the next level?  Is running a basic group fitness class just getting too easy for you?  Maybe you are looking for something more intense.  Maybe you are looking to be a certified Bootcamp Instructor!  ASFA® offers a combined Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction certification that provides you with the skill-set and knowledge base that you need to teach Group Fitness and Bootcamp classes.  Indoor or Outdoor, beginner or expert, you are ready!

An essential part of teaching Group Exercise is learning how to gauge skill-set and separate classes.  Once the classes are categorized, do you know the correct motivational methods, safety precautions, exercise form, cadence speed, etc?  That is exactly what you will learn with ASFA's Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction certification.  So, the only question now, is what are you waiting for?

ASFA® Group Fitness/Bootcamp Certification

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