Advanced Group Fitness Certification – The Next Level

Health and fitness certifications are necessary for anyone wanting health and fitness careers.The demand for trainers and fitness professionals continues to increase as individuals realize the connection to health and fitness with longevity, long-term physical independence, and better overall well-being. Having advanced level certifications is a great way for trainers and fitness professionals to stand out from the crowd when it comes to employment opportunities and career advancements.

Group fitness instructors can benefit from having an Advanced Group Fitness Certification. They will not only be able to lead a group fitness class, but they will also have the skills to really help a larger range of individuals with a larger range of needs. For example, in a traditional group fitness class, the instructor will lead the class in the front and the participants follow the lead of the instructor. Each person is given enough flexibility within their own limitations or needs to participate in the class as little or as much as they want to.  If they are having difficulty or need assistance, the instructor may not be able to assist individually in the middle of class since the rest of the clients are waiting for the instructor to call out the next instruction. If the group fitness specialist has their Advanced Group Fitness Certification, they are able to demonstrate a variety of modifications and variations of each step to better accommodate all ages and all fitness levels of the participants of that class. The instructor will be able to lead the class with more confidence and able to have the class keep an alternating basic step if an individual requires 10 seconds of personal instruction before moving on to the next exercise. For fitness enthusiasts that enjoy a more challenging workout, a group fitness instructor with an Advanced Group Fitness Certification will also know how to give you tips to make the exercises more difficult and challenging and will better understand the anatomy and exercise physiology of the movements. 

Advanced Group Fitness Certification enables trainers to be in a higher pay scale since their skill set is more than a basic group fitness trainer. Health clubs and private fitness studios want the very best trainers to offer to their clients. Having advanced certifications will help you stand out as one of the top personal trainers and/or group fitness instructors.

Take your career and personal fitness to the next level with Advanced Group Fitness Certification!

Advanced Group Fitness and Bootcamp Instructor Certification


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