Advanced Fitness Certifications–Take Your Career to the Next Level!

Advanced fitness certifications can help take your career to the next level with advanced skills and knowledge in a specific area of interest. Many trainers will take these additional certifications on top of their basic personal training certification to specialize in a specific area of interest and to give themselves more qualifications to stand out from a crowd of applicants when seeking employment opportunities. Fitness trainers with higher or advanced fitness certifications are also hired at a higher pay scale so you have both opportunities for better job placement and increased trainer salary.  

Training certification programs for fitness can branch into many different types of fitness. Having an idea of what you would like to do within the fitness and health industry can help you determine what type of fitness certification you need. If you have a specific fitness job in mind, look at the trainer job description to see which type of certifications the employer is looking for so that you can then create a plan with goals and realistic timelines to get there. Training in fitness can be competitive sometimes when interviewing for jobs. Having an advanced fitness certification puts you one step ahead of other fitness trainers.

After you obtain your advanced fitness certification, be sure to update your profiles on any social media links you use for personal training and networking. This is a great way to market yourself and let others know that you have taken your education and skill set to the next level. When individuals or recruiters are seeking out fitness trainers to hire, they will specifically search for the ones with the highest qualifications. The trainers that continued their education to be better will stand out as one of the best. It is also common for personal trainers to have more than one advanced fitness certification so that they can take on any type of client and support many different personal goals in a variety of settings. Some trainers work at doctors’ offices instead of health clubs and some may work in unique places like a cruise ship or resort.

Advanced fitness certifications will give you the greatest opportunity for advancement in your career and the skills to confidently make a positive impact in your community helping others to reach personal fitness goals safely and to lead healthier, more active lives. Get started today by clicking below!



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