New Speed and Agility Certification!

Speed and Agility Certificaiton

ASFA® is dedicated to keeping our clientele on the cutting edge of fitness education and qualification. Providing a diverse selection of continuing education and niche marketing certifications, we help fitness professionals expand their knowledge and areas of expertise.  ASFA® is proud to offer our newest certification, Speed and Agility Instruction!

Being qualified in Speed and Agility Instruction helps showcase your ability as a personal trainer and/or fitness professional by expanding into the area of athletic performance and dynamic movement.  Study materials and the exam for speed and agility instruction focus on movement and reaction time, coordination, anticipation, plyometric drills, efficiency of sport movement and more!  If you were once an athlete, if you train athletes or if you just want to learn the benefits of sport training, the Speed and Agility independent study course is the right qualification for you!

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