7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Trainer


Today’s generation is inclined toward technology which has reduced physical activity. That has resulted in less concern for personal health and fitness. Using technology to minimize efforts is not wrong, but at the same time, you must take care of your health and fitness. The pandemic has highlighted the need for fitness and good health.

That is why there are personal trainers - who can guide you, assist you, and help you achieve your fitness goals correctly. A personal trainer gives you the proper knowledge and aligns your workout routine perfectly with your goals. In addition, your trainer can motivate you when you feel like quitting or when the workout feels like too much.

When hiring a trainer, you should know his working style and see if you can work together with the same goals beforehand. You can start by asking a few questions to ensure your decision is worth it. 

Here is a list of 7 questions that can help you hire the best personal trainer for your fitness journey.

  1. Why did you choose to become a personal trainer, and did you engage in any continued education?

You must confirm that your trainer is passionate about what they are doing. A person not willingly doing a job is not only a risk but a loss for you. In addition, a passionate trainer may have engaged in continued education. The fitness field is evolving daily and is backed up by science and knowledge. Hence, they must be aware and updated with the latest research.

  1. What certifications do you hold, and do you have nutrition knowledge?

Proper knowledge and certifications are a must for every trainer since the safety of the client depends on them and the results. You should check for the certifications of your trainer and the authority from which they are certified. Also, ask them whether they have nutrition knowledge or not, as fitness is incomplete without diet and nutrition.  A trainer with a good knowledge of nutrition will give you the best results.

  1. How long have you been working as a personal trainer, and what is your specialization?

Your trainer's experience matters greatly when you have specific fitness goals. Therefore, the trainer should have ample experience in the field of your particular need. Since there are different specializations available in this industry, such as bodybuilding, weight loss, weight gain, and many more, choose a trainer who is a specialist in your fitness goals.

  1. Can you refer some of your current or former clients with goals similar to mine?

When your trainer is experienced in the specialization required, they must have had a large client base. The trainers can refer you to some of their current or former clients to have a word with. You can get a better idea about how they have achieved similar fitness goals by working with that trainer.

  1. How long will the process of achieving my fitness goals be, and what if I don’t see results?

You must ask your trainer this question to make sure that they are reliable or not. There is no guarantee of time-bound results in this field, and results differ from person to person. The trainer should be able to give you the confidence to achieve the expected results without any false timeline. The trainer must have plans B and C when plan A doesn’t work for you.

  1. What is your style, and how will we work together?

Different trainers have different teaching styles; some genuinely motivate while others just shout loudly. The understanding between trainer and client is vital for achieving the best results. Choose the trainer whose style and approach match yours so you can reach your goals comfortably.

  1. What is your fee structure and preferred mode of payment, and is there any cancellation policy?

If your trainer matches all your requirements while offering an affordable package, it’s a great choice! Also, check for acceptable payment modes because it should be easier for both of you to exchange money. Finally, you need to ask about the cancellation policy and T&Cs as there can be unforeseen circumstances in the future.

Hopefully, this has been a helpful guide in choosing the right personal trainer. If you think you’re interested in building your career in the fitness industry, it’s never too late! We might be biased, but clearly, we opt for certifications with American Sports & Fitness Association!. We have a variety of certificate courses available. Start your new career with our certifications and help others achieve their fitness goals!
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