The Benefit of Continuing Your Education as a Sports Nutritionist

One of the fastest growing fields in the personal training industry today is Sports Nutrition. If you are a personal trainer and are not certified in sports nutrition – you might be losing out on a large niche market and client base. Everyone knows that diet and workout work together to optimized training results. Since your clients are just as aware of that as your peers, now might be the time to show them that you have excelled in the field with a continuing education certificate in Sports Nutrition from ASFA®.

With ASFA’s convenient online independent study courses, you can take the exam and do your studying with recommended reference materials from the comfort of your own home. The question for your personal training business today is – how can I set myself aside as the premier trainer amongst my peers?  ASFA® offers many ways including Master Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Instructor.  However, only one is diet based and diet is clearly the one aspect of fitness that appeals to all demographics and age groups. 

For example:  Have you ever wondered about the high protein – low carb diets?  If your client were to ask about the correct number of carbs or the correct amount of protein grams that his/her diet should be – what would you say?  Would it depend on the type of workout, the body type, the gender, etc?  Are these answers that you would know off the top of your head?  Or, are these answers that you would have to look-up?  Either way, you should consider advancing your career with a certification in Sports Nutrition.  If you know these answers and have extensively studied the field already, what are you waiting for?  The extra qualifications could make your more marketable and more distinguished from your colleagues.  If you didn’t know them, maybe it is time that you step up to the plate and do some homework!  If you can’t answer nutrition questions readily, you might be losing clients to trainers who can.

If you have not taken your certification course for sports nutrition, perhaps you should consider the following: 

·      How many of your personal training clients are interested in diet and need dietary help to achieve their goals?

·      How many personal trainers do you know that are certified sports nutritionists?

·      How could this certification course help me with both my business and my personal workouts?

·      Do I have the time to take an online exam and complete my course material at my computer – online – from the convenience of my own home?       

 ASFA® is proud to offer niche marketing and continuing education courses online to help promote better knowledge and marketability for fitness professionals and personal trainers worldwide.  Is the ASFA Sports Nutrition test for you? 

Sports Nutritionist Certification

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