Expand Your Expertise to Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness Certification

Senior fitness is one of the fastest-growing fields in the physical training profession, making continuing education in senior-related fitness issues an important addition to the successful trainer’s marketing portfolio. The American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) offers an online exam in senior fitness that allows the experienced fitness professional to easily demonstrate their abilities and expertise in this key and highly profitable niche market.

ASFA’s Senior Fitness Instructor Certification addresses essential issues—including the importance of low-impact exercises, strength training, safety and more—confronting the trainer working with older adults.

With a certification in senior fitness from ASFA®, fitness trainers can effectively showcase their cutting-edge knowledge of important senior issues to older adults looking for high-quality exercise instruction.

Becoming a Senior Fitness Instructor is a great way to serve the needs of your community and respect your elders.  Understanding the specialized considerations of older adults allows you to gain insight into how they should be trained.  Learning exercise techniques and safety considerations that focus on the needs of seniors is a great way to expand your knowledge and give back!

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