5 Workout Tips to Help Prevent Injury

Any type of sports or fitness activity could lead to injury if performed with incorrect form or simply using excessively repetitive motions that stress out the joints. The following exercises can be used to help prevent injury. If you are currently suffering from an injury, please consult your doctor first to make sure you are safe to participate. Making a comeback to soon could lead to further injury.

1. Shoulder Rotations: should rotations can be big or small rotations. They can be performed with a rubber resistance band or with no equipment at all. Shoulder rotations can help release tightness in shoulders and neck. Releasing tightness will enable you to have better posture and better form when performing in your everyday sport.

2. Stretching the bottom of your foot, can help release tensions too. Taking a resistance band and using it to pull the top of your foot torwards yourself helps to stretch tight calf muscles and all the muscles on the bottom of your foot. This type of stretching can help prevent shin splints as well.

3. Side lunges and single leg bridge lifts can help to strengthen the muscles around the knee giving you extra stability and balance in your steps.

4. Doing core work gives you a strong middle that holds your body upright all day. Individuals with strong core muscles have better overall posture and fewer problems with back pain. Many back pain problems that individuals suffer from today are caused by poor posture, like slumping over a computer or tablet all day.

5. Doing weighted deadlifts will strengthen the hamstrings and glute muscles to help keep you from fatiguing too quickly in athletic types of activities. The hamstrings and glutes are often overlooked from the typical workout routine. These muscle groups help strengthen the over all performance of our legs and provide a quick turnover for sports such as running, hiking, and walking. It will also help strengthen the muscles for recovery exercises such as yoga poses.

All individuals who have an active lifestyle run the risk of injury. With proper management and awareness, many injuries can be prevented by doing a few easy exercises added on to your regular routine. Do your stretches and stay healthy!

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