5 Ways to Reboot Cycling Efficiency

Cycling can be a fun way to burn calories and a great workout on its own or a challenging cross training activity to enhance Sport Specific training and help prevent imbalances or injuries. Here are some techniques that you can do on your own.

1. Stretching is a beneficial move to help improve cycling performance. When you get certified to be a personal trainer, you learn how stretching can help both before and after an activity. Stretching before helps to loosen up joints, muscles, and gets your blood flowing so that you can be ready to perform at your best. Stretching afterwards helps to loosen tight muscles and strains so that the recovery process can speed up, giving you a speedy recovery after a hard workout.

2. Strength training is another beneficial activity that can help with cycling. A trainer with strength training certifications can help show you ways to strengthen cycling muscles so that you can cycle with greater power and output. A trainer with a national fitness certification can also help to identify muscular imbalances and show you ways to help balance those so that you will not be prone to injury. Strength training can easily be performed at home using dumbbells or your own body weight for resistance.

3. Yoga breathing techniques can also help improve your cycling. Being able to control your heart rate through yoga breathing techniques can help you take your workouts to the next level. Many cardio exercisers will use heart rate monitors to stay within a heart rate range. Being able to lower and control your heart rate with yoga breathing techniques can help you work harder and still be in control of your breathing.

4. Pilates ab moves are another technique you can do to benefit your indoor or outdoor cycling pursuits. Pilates helps to build core strength. Having a strong core is what supports your body in an upright position when cycling. Good core strength helps you to keep proper form so you get the most benefit from your workout. Pilates moves are loved for their ease of performing anywhere with a mat.

5. Squats and lunges help strengthen the larger leg muscles to support your cycling. Squats and lunges can easily be performed from anywhere, such as at home or in your office. You can do them holding a barbell or dumbbells for an extra challenge or you can perform them with just your body weight for resistance.

Adding some fitness exercises at home can help benefit your cycling technique. If you are unsure how to perform any of these exercises, many of the online courses for personal trainers have online demonstrations that you can watch from home to perfect your form and technique. Try a new exercise and improve your cycling performance!

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