5 Ideas for At-Home Fitness Equipment

Fitness doesn’t have to take place exclusively in a gym or fitness studio. Many individuals have taken advantage of personal fitness training online programs for the ease of working out whenever they want, from the comfort of their own home, while practicing healthy social distancing.  Personal online trainers have to be creative sometimes to help clients get fit with the equipment they have access to in their homes. When used correctly, you can complete full body workouts with at-home fitness equipment.  Here are some ideas for at-home fitness equipment that you can utilize for increasing your personal fitness:

  1. Yoga balls. Yoga balls can be used a variety of ways to increase strength, flexibility, stability, and core strength. These attribute help increase functional fitness as well, providing a complete workout that burns calories and tones the body. Join a personal trainer network online to get access to a variety of online workouts and exercises using a yoga ball.
  2. Jump ropes. Jump ropes are extremely versatile and travel well because they are small and portable enough to keep one in your purse or bag for workout opportunities on the go. Jumping rope helps build cardiovascular fitness and endurance. It is a high impact exercise because of the jumping, but jumping rope helps build muscle around the knee joints that can help prevent injury to the knee area. Weighted jump ropes can help add a strengthening segment to the workout. Weighted jump ropes can be weighted in the handles or the actual rope. Whichever style you choose, they both will build effective at burning calories and improving overall personal fitness.
  3. Exercise Bands. Exercise bands are small and portable too, but can provide huge benefits when used consistently and regularly. Exercise bands provide resistance training and build strength and stability. Exercise bands can be used by themselves or incorporated as a tool or piece of equipment in other fitness styles such as Pilates. The thicker or tighter the exercise band is, the more resistance you will have. Using exercise bands consistently helps to build functional fitness and training.
  4. Dumbbells. Lightweight dumbbells can be used in the home for strengthening training and toning. There are things you can do at home to make dumbbells more challenging. Try standing on a flexibility half ball or balance ball. Staying balanced uses additional muscles and builds core strength and functional fitness while you are performing your strength training workouts and lifting routine.
  5. Sliders. Sliders are fantastic pieces of equipment for home use and they take up very little storage space. Sliders are plastic slick pieces that you place your foot on to slid across tile or carpeting. They can make exercise movement more fluid. Sliders can be used for a variety of toning exercises such as lunging, planks, and core building exercises. 

These are just a few examples of exercises you can do at home with in-home workout equipment. Having simple equipment at home helps act as a gentle reminder to get your workout in and enables you to workout whenever you feel like without having to step into a gym.

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