5 Fun Slam Ball Exercises

Personal health and fitness courses help provide scientific based education to improve overall health and wellbeing. Personal fitness trainer jobs are in high demand as individuals seek more natural and holistic ways to better themselves and maintain a healthy BMI, or body mass index. Slam ball exercises are a fun way to tone the body, burn calories, and build endurance and strength. Personal fitness trainer software can be a resourceful tool for individualizing your slam ball workout to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Here are 5 fun slam ball exercises to try:

  1. Overhead Slams. Overhead slams are a fun way to reduce stress and build upper body strength. Standing with feet at shoulder width while holding the slam ball over head, slam the ball down as hard as you can being mindful of your form and keeping your hips back. Overhead slams can help improve functional fitness and stamina as well.
  2. Squat Throws. Squat Throws are a high impact power exercise that engages the lower body and the core. When performing this exercises, hold the slam ball in your hands at chest level. Lower your body to a squat and when you rise up, throw the slam ball in front of you. This exercise helps create power and stability.
  3. Slam ball Burpees. Burpees help athletes build speed and endurance.  Adding a slam ball helps to build power and helps build lean muscle tissue. Holding the slam ball while standing with feet at shoulder width is neutral position. Slam the ball down in front of you and immediately perform a burpee. On your way up, grab the slam ball to return back to your neutral starting position.
  4. Slam Ball Sit Ups. Slam Ball Sit Ups help engage the core and tone the abdominal region.  Starting in a neutral sit up position, hold the slam ball above your head and raise it to touch your feet as you crunch all the way up. Building a strong core helps to improve posture and can help reduce chronic lower back aches.
  5. Side Wall Slams. Personal fitness trainer training always looks for new ways to do workouts to make them fun. Side Wall Slams are a fun way to engage the core and the outer oblique muscles. Standing to the side with your shoulders perpendicular to the wall, twist your body towards the wall and slam the ball into the ball. Be mindful of your form and bend at the knee for a natural side lunge and support. Free personal training software can be used to help keep track of exercises and reps in addition to being used for accountability and tracking progress.

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