5 Easy Yoga Stretches for Beginners

You don’t need to complete the personal trainer required education to know that yoga stretches can be beneficial to your health and fitness. Many athletes will shy away from yoga stretches thinking they are not limber enough to get into the pose correctly. These simple yoga stretches for beginners will help increase flexibility safely and will also increase your confidence in performing yoga exercises and stretches.

The Mountain Pose is an easy yoga stretch for beginners. It is also a main starting position for many other yoga poses. You stand firmly with your legs apart and raise your arms up keeping good posture through the back and core. This stretch is perfect for definition functional training for athletes who practice yoga or who use yoga to increase performance in their primary sports.

Warrior pose is also an easy yoga stretch for beginners and a common request on a yoga test. This stretch starts by standing with feet approximately four feet apart and lunging with a bent knee of ninety degrees with arms extended out to the side. It helps to stretch out hamstrings and quads. You can modify it by only going as deeply as you are comfortable going. Deeper stretching comes with time and practice.

Tree Pose is used by beginner yoga students as well. You stand on one leg and place the bottom of your foot onto the opposite thigh with your arms in front of you in a prayer position. This helps to engage the core muscles and well as your breathing to keep focus and balance. Trainers who have completed the yoga coach certification courses love the tree pose for added stability and focus.

Bridge Pose is another popular stretch that helps to stretch the spine. This stretch is performed on the floor on your back. Push through your heels to life the glutes off the floor. The core muscles are also activated as they engage trying to stabilize the body.

The Cobra pose is popular pose for new yoga goers. It is performed on the floor starting on your stomach. You push up with your hands only and extend the upper chest up, stretching the abdominal region. This is an excellent post after a hard workout to help reduce soreness and improve circulation.

Yoga stretching can benefit your overall health by relieving minor aches and pains, increasing recovery time from other sports, improving blood flow and circulation, and also increasing flexibility and functional fitness. Stop by any yoga studio or health club to try out your yoga stretches. You will master these beginner moves in no time with consistent stretching.

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