5 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

1. Push-Ups. Push-Ups are a low-impact bodyweight exercise that you can do at anywhere. Push-Ups help build upper body strength in the chest, shoulders, and arms. Push-Ups also help strengthen the core muscles which help to improve and increase functional fitness. Push-Ups can be performed in a variety of ways using modifications to make the exercise easier or harder to challenge you, regardless of the fitness level you are currently at.

2. Lunges. Lunges are another bodyweight exercise that you can do outdoors or indoors. Lunges help strengthen and tone the lower body and can help strengthen the muscles around your joints, decreasing your risk of sports injury.  Lunges can also be modified to fit your current fitness level and to help work towards a specific personal fitness goal.

3. Planks. A plank hold is a powerful low-impact exercise that builds core strength and personal fitness. Plank holds engage your abs, arms, and legs for a total body exercise challenge. Planks can be performed many different ways as well to engage different muscles within your core and to keep your body challenged. The easiest way to challenge yourself in a plank hold is to hold the plank for 30 seconds longer than you did the day before. High planks are performed with your arms extended and your palms on the ground, similar to the starting push-up position. Low planks are performed on your elbows with your palms on the ground in front of you. The lower you go and the longer you hold the plank, the harder it will be!

4. Single Leg Balance. Single Leg Balance exercises are performed standing up with your hands on your hips. Bend one leg and bring it up so that your ankle, knee, and hip form a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for one minute and then repeat on the other leg. This exercise helps build stability and balance and helps improve functional fitness and can be used by all fitness levels and ages.

5. Jumping Jacks. Jumping Jacks are a high-impact plyometric exercise that uses body weight as resistance to help improve personal fitness. Jumping Jacks help burn calories and aerobic fitness. This bodyweight exercise can be part of a healthy workout program for weight loss.

There are many other types of bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere to help tone up, build strength, and increase personal fitness. With some of the best fitness trainers online, try some of these bodyweight resistance exercises today!

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