4 Great Forearm Development Exercises

Forearm development exercises help to shape and balance the arm to provide better strength and stability. Forearm exercises can also help increase your grip and power from the hands, which is a necessity in many sports. Forearm exercises can be performed at home or at the gym and with equipment or no equipment which provides a lot of flexibility in routine for those who want to increase forearm strength. Fitness coach jobs use forearm exercises to help clients gain power, strength, and increase their competitive edge in sports. Fitness instruction courses can help provide demonstrations on these popular forearm development exercises:

  1. Wrist curls with dumbbells. Light weights can be used to do wrist curls to improve forearm development and growth. Sitting on a weight bench, hold the dumbbells in your hands with your palms parallel to the floor and wrists just slightly over your knees.  Do light isometric curls while keeping the wrist straight. If you feel any strain, go lighter on the weights.
  2. Reverse wrist curls with dumbbells. Trainers with weight certification training know the power of changing the angle of movements. Using the same form as above, reverse the position of your wrists so that your palms are facing up instead of down. This unique change of position helps target the muscles from a different angle to help prevent muscular imbalances.
  3. Forearm squeezes. Forearm squeezes can be done using resistance tools or a thick towel.  You are flexing the forearm muscles by making a tight fist. Forearm squeezes are simple and easy to do, even while you are stopped at a red light! If you feel any discomfort, like sharp pain in the shoulder, lighten up on the resistance of the squeezes or try a different angle. 
  4. Pull ups. Pull ups can be done on a bar at the gym or with a bar extension kit at home over a door frame. Any individuals with a shoulder injury should only perform pullups under the guidance and support of a personal trainer that can ensure you are performing the exercise properly with good form to prevent strain or injury. Improve your strength and grip with forearm development exercises that can be performed anywhere!
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