4 Deep Water Aerobics Exercises for Advanced Classes

Personal fitness professional trainers will recommend deep water aerobics for a variety of benefits. Deep water aerobics is performed in water that submerges the body up to the neck. Having your full body working against the resistance of the water makes the exercises more challenging. You are able to use deep water aerobics to tone your entire body and burn more calories. Here are some deep water aerobics exercises for advanced classes:

1. Jumping Jacks are a great workout to perform in deep water aerobics classes to help increase cardiovascular fitness and burn calories.  The water takes the impact off of the joints allowing individuals who may not be able to do jumping jacks out of the water to perform them safely and efficiently in the water.  Jumping Jacks performed in deep water can also help build strength in the legs and can enhance athletic performance for athletes.

2. High Knee Lifts are another deep water aerobics exercise that you can do to help tone the legs and improve stability in the lower half of your body.  High Knee Lifts can also help strengthen your core by activating more of your stabilizer muscles in the abdominal region to keep you upright and balanced during the exercise movements.

3. Ski Jumps can also be used in advanced deep water aerobics classes to help build power, stamina, and endurance.  A personal trainer program will often include plyometric exercises to help athletes become faster and more powerful.  These high-impact exercises become low-impact exercises when performed in deep water allowing individuals to get all of the benefits of the exercise with none of the injury risks.  Ski Jumps performed in deep water can also help athletes lower their risk of sports injury and can aid in reducing micro tears in the muscles after a challenging workout.  These benefits allow athletes to require fewer recovery days and can enable them to train harder with more output on their workouts.  

4. Running in deep water can also be utilized in advanced deep water aerobics classes for a challenging and effective workout. Personal trainer weight loss programs will use running as a quick and easy method of calorie burning aerobic fitness. Taking that workout to deep water takes away the impact allowing new runners to be able to run with a decreased risk of injury. Injured runners can also benefit from deep water running as a way to reduce a significant loss of fitness during their recovery time. Running against the resistance of the water provides a full body workout that tones and strengthens. 

Check out the personal training programs near you for a deep water aerobics class. You will enjoy the extra challenge, the increased calorie burn, and the improved functional fitness that supports your healthy lifestyle. A fitness professional can help you with any modifications or variations you may need to help support your personal fitness goals.  

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